Top 8 Mini Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach

A green miniature golf club is being positioned to putt a blue golf ball into a hole.

You may know it as Miniature Golf or Putt-putt, but for the sake of doing everything as it should be done, we’ll call it Mini Golf. That’s what we’re about here at Salty Frye’s Golf Carts - we just keep saying exactly what’s right and wrong without judgment. You’re welcome to have different opinions. We figure, “Hey, this is America. You’re free to be wrong.” Well, in the spirit of telling the truth, let’s look at the best Mini Golf in North Myrtle Beach 2021. 

Before we get into our recommendations, let’s start by saying that mini golf is fundamentally underrated. When the sport of basketball has a rim the size of a medium fountain drink, then people can say mini golf is easy, but until then…. you never see Phil Mickelson playing mini golf in North Myrtle Beach. Why? Because he’s afraid. Guess there are no waterfalls and false holes on the ol’ traditional courses. Perhaps he’s afraid he’ll lose sponsors when a video goes viral of him getting destroyed by a dad in New Balance shoes on vacation. 

So, if you want a real challenge, mightn’t we recommend mini golf at some of North Myrtle Beach’s finest establishments? Here it is. Here comes the definitive ranking of mini golf in North Myrtle Beach.


This one is tricky because depending on what you are looking for this could be No. 1 or not listed at all. The USPMGA (US Pro Mini Golf Association) deems Hawaiian Village worthy of hosting the mini golf US Open, as they did in 2013 and maybe others. If you’re not a purist who’s into nostalgia or performance quality, you’ll be happier elsewhere. Though renovated in 2018, it’s still designed more for serious minigolfers and less for aesthetics. 


There are plenty of features to write home about. There’s a giant shark coming out of the water, which from a distance, it would appear as though the golfers have bigger problems and should not be putting so calmly. If that’s not scary enough, an octopus also looms beside the oblivious golfers. Dinosaurs, a huge castle, a ship, and a waterfall make Rainbow Falls a great place for casual mini golf. (Isn’t “casual mini golf” almost an oxymoron? There’s nothing casual about mini golf.)


Ok, if you are going to Molten Mountain for a nice, easy, air-conditioned, leisurely waltz through an indoor course, there has been a misunderstanding. The indoor course here is pretty humbling for your average trash talking golf jock. (We went too far there. It’s really not that difficult. But it is somewhat challenging). Molten Mountain has a 50-foot volcano that erupts every half-hour as part of its clever and extensive South Pacific theme. It’s also accessible and did we mention air-conditioned?


Mutiny Bay is fun for a lot of reasons. First of all, it has a tropical pirate theme, complete with a gigantic pirate ship (The Jolly Roger) and fighting pirates. Secondly, it’s fun for everyone, with caves, waterfalls, hidden treasure, and the annoying spinner game designed to distract from the hallowed purity that is golf. get to play mini golf on the ship!


Not that some of the others aren’t elaborate, but it’s striking how complex and intricate the South American adventure theme has been designed into Lost Treasure. Temples, dinosaurs, caves, ruins, treasure chests, a ginormous waterfall, and even a train that delivers you to the first two holes are all expertly intertwined to make this a fun experience. If you still want a challenge, though, choose the Diamond course. 


As the name would indicate, Dinosaur Adventure has a great number of prehistoric animals and artifacts to take in, but the jungle theme is also well-represented in huge waterfalls, lush decoration, and an 85-foot steamship. Like it’s two sister establishments - Lost Treasure and Mayday - you really need to experience the intricate design and attention to customer experience.


So everything we just said about Dinosaur Adventure is true for Mayday as well. We give Mayday the nod because in addition to excellent aesthetics and great courses, they also have a PV-2 Harpoon airplane and a Bell Huey Rescue Helicopter. That seems like a small thing, but couple that with a long list of accolades from these people and Mayday looks darn good! USA Today, Geico, Trip Advisor, Travel Channel (“Best Survival Course” What is that?), and Men’s Journal. 


Hawaiian Rumble has hosted both the USPMGA’s US Open and the Masters Championship. If that’s not enough, both Golf Magazine and the Travel Channel have rated Hawaiian Rumble as the number one mini golf course in the nation. Their aesthetics is top tier and their course is challenging yet simply designed. It is truly a great experience no matter where your group lands on the ambience-theme interest to the challenge-me interest scale. Both parties will be satisfied at Rumble. 

While we speak highly of all of these establishments, we feel compelled to say that future winners will be required to allow golf carts on their courses. Currently there is a stigma against carts on mini golf courses, even though technically no sign forbids them. We recommend you try using one from Salty Frye’s and when questioned by authorities, simply ask, “Well then, I assume you provide caddies?” We’ll see if the managers truly value the game of golf. If they don’t, ask them if they spell “‘Cart’ with a ‘K’ as in Go Karts.” Go Karts, we’ll allow, but golf should never be disrespected with misspellings. Why don’t you just type about golph in Comic Sans font while you’re at it?

Salty Fryes produces these recommendation blogs because we think excellence should be rewarded and because we want everyone in our great town to have a fantastic time. If we didn’t care about fun and challenge and excellence, we would not be putting so much joy and effort into being the best golf cart rental place in the area. If you find yourself in need or want of an awesome golf cart, contact us. We’re ready for you with our ample inventory and eager smiles. Come check us out! And check out our other blogs, too!

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