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Enjoy the Quantity, Quality, and Diversity of Outdoor Activities in the North Myrtle Beach Area

Enjoy the Quantity, Quality, and Diversity of Outdoor Activities in the North Myrtle Beach Area

06/29/2021By: Salty Frye’s

A man riding a jetski in the ocean

Summer means different things for different people. Some people think of summer as a life-giving respite from mundane life, an oasis in the desert for our souls. Imagine what summer would represent to you if you were an unfortunate mouse on the running wheel of a cubicle job. Summer people think of outdoor activities like camping, kayaking, hiking, the smell of barbecue grills, sunglasses, hanging around the beach, baseball games, boat rides, golf with friends, picnic dates, leisurely strolls, and vacation. Then there are the people for whom the word summer connotes images and impressions of another kind of outdoor activities- swatting mosquitoes, rubbing sunblock on squirming kids, applying aloe to sunburns, sweating like , trying to think of a reason to not do unnecessary walking, getting peer pressure from outdoorsy people, and looking at themselves in their bathing suits in the mirror and suddenly regretting every taco they’ve ever eaten. Well, hopefully North Myrtle Beach has some things to do outside to offer each of you. We think it does. Let’s look!

  1. Outdoor Activities for the Physically Active:
  1. Outdoor Activities For Those Who Love Leisure:

Not sure where to stop here. Without joking, there are few places in the country that offer the diversity of outdoor activities that the Grand Strand does. So if you’re looking for things to do outside in the North Myrtle Beach area, you won’t have any trouble. While we have you here, mightn’t we say that a golf cart is a great way to get around, have fun, chill, give rides, and look cool. In fact, every employee here at Salty Frye’s Golf Carts attracted their spouses by riding golf carts. It’s almost cheating. But anyway, we have a great selection of awesome rides.Come in, call, or reach outthrough the website, and let us show you what you’re missing! 

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