Don’t Sleep on Barefoot Landing

Nighttime at Barefoot Landing white white canopies and fireworks in the background

We feel so blessed at Salty Frye's to be a part of such a wonderful place in the world. North Myrtle Beach has a soul to it, made up of good people and good times. The soul sends vibes of fun, family, friends, and offers many features that draw visitors from all over the country and parts of the world. Well, Barefoot Landing stands as a principal reason so many come and so many come back. Great dining, shopping, attractions, and shows - these all await you at Barefoot Landing!


Just Be

From your first approach (sorry, that sounds a little golfy), you’ll see that Barefoot Landing is expensive beautiful. A person could spend a great deal of time just being a lazy bum there. The landscaping, building designs, and overall Southern coastal aesthetic creates a pleasant atmosphere. There’s a pretentious French word, “Flânerie,” which fits well at Barefoot Landing. It means to stroll or idle to enjoy the setting. There’s no need to shop on a quest like you’re at Walmart; it’s okay to meander here. Grab some salt water taffy from River Street Sweets, find some shade, and get fatter chill. 

Go Golfing

Okay, you may have noticed on a map that the golf courses of Barefoot Resort are not directly at Barefoot Landing itself. You got us. But, at Salty Frye’s, we get so stinking excited talking about golf (check out our blog post about golf courses here). Without exaggeration, we simply have some of the best courses in the country and we certainly have one of the best concentrations of courses, making us a premier destination for golfers of all skill levels. So, if you aren’t a golfer, you can still see these courses on your way, or just drop off your golfing spouse. You’ll be able to spend enjoy yourself more without them anyway. Barefoot Landing has four excellent courses (Dye, Norman, Love, and Fazio,) which have been designed by some of the world’s best golf course architects and designers. Okay, back to our normally scheduled programming.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

With at least 15 restaurants and 9 snacky places, you won’t be long for sustenance. Take a break from a sunny walk and Flânerie, or a day of golf, or some serious shopping by bellying up to a table at these excellent restaurants or grabbing a salty or sweet treat. Trying not to turn our award winning blog into a list of lists, we’ll just mention Umberto’s and Flying Fish Public Market & Grill as a couple of the many fantastic options at Barefoot Landing. 

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Harboring 50 stores to visit (see what we did?), you won’t run out of ways to spend money find that perfect gift for yourself someone special to you. Boutiques, gift shops, novelty stores, just a bunch of cool and interesting places to peruse. Barefoot Landing’s got yer stores dedicated to knives, olives, ducks, bags; yer stores for whiskey, peppers, pearls, bamboo, popcorn; and yer stores for hats, olives, fossils, Bee things, and the color purple. There’s more we could put, but keep in mind this is free and the Internet is almost full of drivel already. (At this point you’re probably needing to know how they can make a whole store out of bamboo or the color purple. See for yourself!) 

Take in a Performance

With the extraordinary Alabama Theatre (click here for show times) putting on great productions and concerts and House of Blues crankin’ out electrifying music, Barefoot Landing is also a North Myrtle Beach hotspot for live entertainment. A performance is a perfect way to anchor the trip (we’re at it again), right? If you’re not on a golf cart, or shopping, or eating, make a plan to take in some creative arts and enjoy the sounds as well as the sights. Come see why critics and visitors have all named Alabama Theatre the Best Live Entertainment Theatre in Myrtle Beach (not just North Myrtle Beach). 

Woven into the natural beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway, Barefoot Landing wins shores up (yes) our award as the best regional destination for variety. The natural beauty surrounding the development and beauty of the design, the tastes and smells, the shops and activities - do yourself a favor and make time in your schedule for Barefoot Landing. 

And while we have you here, mightn’t we recommend an excellent golf cart rental business? Salty Frye’s Golf Carts exists to help you have fun! If you or someone you know may have mesothelioma want to golf in the North Myrtle Beach area, contact us. At the least, we can give you some more of our objective opinions, just like those in our other blog posts (click here). Until then, this writer will collect his $1 reward for working a French word into a blog about golf carts.

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