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Crab Catchers – One of the Best Seafood Restaurants Near North Myrtle Beach

Crab Catchers – One of the Best Seafood Restaurants Near North Myrtle Beach

02/20/2020By: Salty Frye’s

a red basket filled with two fried fish tacos, french fries, fried corn on the cob, and a small cup with mango salsa with a beer bottle in the background.

Tucked away on the Little River Waterfront – famous for its annual Blue Crab Festival and ShrimpFest events – Crab Catchers is the perfect little spot to grab a bite to eat along the Intracoastal Waterway. This casual eatery may seem quite unassuming from the outside, but believe us when we say that they serve up some of the best seafood in the area.

Walking in through the front door, guests are instantly greeted by the smell of seafood – a welcome sign that means the kitchen uses fresh ingredients for your meal. Following the aroma of fresh catch comes the smiles of friendly staff who happily seat you in your dining area of choice. This time, since it was a little chilly outside, we opted for the indoor dining room. However, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, we suggest enjoying your meal on the open-air dining deck that boasts unbeatable views of the water.

The indoor dining room at Crab Catchers isn’t anything like the touristy seafood buffets that you’ll find throughout the Grand Strand. You won’t find tacky mermaids or beach memorabilia adorning this haunt. Instead, the dining room feels warm with its wood paneled walls, making diners feel almost as if they’re in the quarters of an old barque. That’s how you know a restaurant is good; they place more focus on the taste of their food rather than spending time and money trying to entertain guests with irrelevant decor. But I digress.

Let’s get down to business and talk about the food at Crab Catchers. Of course, as the name suggests, this joint is all about serving up the best seafood. So, no, we didn’t order a burger here. That’d be crazy! Though we’re sure the burger is good, we wanted to have the true Crab Catchers experience and dive (heh, see what we did there?) into plates of seafood delight.

Our group started off our meal at Crab Catchers with the Blue Crab Bites, which are lightly fried pieces of blue crab plated with a side of horseradish sauce. Now, we weren’t sure what to expect with this appetizer since none of us have ever ordered it before. We were surprised with how small the pieces of blue crab were, but we weren’t disappointed. These fried treats were packed with big flavor and were simply delicious with or without the sauce. Extra points for the fact that our kids enjoyed them, too!

While everyone ordered their own item to try such as the She Crab Soup (which is so delicious I’m currently daydreaming about it right now), the Sea Scallop Sandwich was my choice for the evening. The dish was as straightforward as possible – a generous amount of fried, succulent sea scallops piled between a bun. For my sides I chose the french fries and the Crab Catchers’ famous deep fried corn. If you’re a scallop fan, I recommend this no-nonsense sandwich with scallops as fresh as you can get them. The fries were good, too, but the deep fried corn was out of this world awesome.

I may have also snuck a bite of some of the Fish Tacos as well, featuring fried fish neatly tucked inside of a flour tortilla and topped with lettuce, cheese, and mango salsa. The mango salsa? A definite nice touch. 10/10 would recommend this dish.

By the end of the meal we were all stuffed and couldn’t stop raving about how Crab Catchers serves up some of the best seafood we’ve had in the area. I think it’s safe to say that this restaurant has made it on our list of favorite restaurants.

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