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Daniello’s Pizzeria & Pub. Best Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

Daniello’s Pizzeria & Pub. Best Restaurants in North Myrtle Beach

01/19/2020By: Salty Frye’s

Red neon light sign that says pizza

At Salty Frye’s Golf Carts, we’re on a quest to provide you with all the ins and outs of beachin’ it on a budget, and that means pointing you in the direction of the best restaurants in North Myrtle Beach. Finding the best restaurants is a tough job that requires dedication and hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it. I suppose it might as well be us.

Let’s talk pizza. But first, a disclaimer. I know pizza’s more than a food to some. For some, it’s their culture. It’s their history. It’s their family’s story. It’s their life. So, please forgive my ignorance, but I love pizza and couldn’t resist a chance to write about it. Now, if you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time, you know we’re not exactly food critics. We’re just normal guys and gals that like to write. But more importantly, we love to eat. Pizza that is. It’s gooey yet crispy, savory yet sweet. It’s pretty close to the perfect food. And, if you’re in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina you owe it to yourself to try Daniello’s Pizzeria & Pub.

It’s small and unassuming, located in a shopping center attached to a chain supermarket and bookended by a second hand book store. You just don’t expect much when walking up to the door. But as you open the door, you realize this place is absolutely another local favorite. High tops and bar tops are your only options when it comes to seating. There’s a game on the TV, and there are regulars in the seats. It smells like dough, and I honestly don’t know if it’s from the beer being served or the pizza being prepped. Either way, I don’t care. I love it.

I know we normally recommend starters, but today, it’s just about the pies. You order what you want, but here are the two pizzas I recommend. The Good Fellow and the BBQ Grippo.

With a name like The Good Fellow, I picture De Niro and Pesci sitting in a dimly lit corner chatting about how they’re gonna’ make their newest problem “disappear”. Fortunately for me, this pizza’s more inviting than the two aforementioned wiseguys. It’s a red sauce based pie that’s loaded with pepperoni, sausage, capicola, bacon, onions, green peppers, banana peppers (which are crucial), black olives, green olives (also crucial), tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple (I’ve actually converted pineapple haters with this pizza), and a bit of cheese. The Good Fellow embodies pretty much everything I look for in a pizza. It’s awesome.

Now for the BBQ Grippo. With a Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce as it’s base, chicken, bacon, onions, cheese, and crushed Grippo’s BBQ flavored potato chips as its namesake topping, this pizza’s the perfect marriage between the midwest and the south east. I can’t stress enough how amazing these chips are. Their zest, spice, and texture provide this pie with a unique spin on a tried and true dish. If you’re a pizza purest, this might not be the pizza for you, but if you’re interested in branching out a bit, this pie comes highly recommended from me.

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