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6 Best Hotels for Families in North Myrtle Beach

6 Best Hotels for Families in North Myrtle Beach

09/29/2021By: Salty Frye’s

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We know why you’re here. You’ve heardSalty Frye’s Golf Cartsis the preeminent reviewer of things in the North Myrtle Beach area. We’ve covered everything from golf courses to Christmas shopping to Mexican restaurants to wine bars. And let’s not forget about our smash hit, “Don’t Sleep on Barefoot Landing.” Today’s blog will address the places vying to be one of the best hotels for families on the Grand Strand.    

Ok, well, here we go. We don’t suppose it would help for us to apologize to you that you have kids? We’re sorry for your loss…of money. We’re just kidding. It’s time and worry you’ve lost as well. No, but we’re really kidding this time. You didn’t want to vacation with th- Do you think “family vacation” is an oxymoron? Enough with the kidding about kids. Kids are great. How else can you love someone so much…when they sleep? Well, we want to be more helpful to you than Benadryl or an iPad, and we thought you just might appreciate help finding the best hotels for families. 

Let’s jump right in. Here are the TOP 6:

Like the other five, Avista is an oceanfront property and described by patrons as busy, fairly-priced, fun, and clean. Avista has many pools from small-large, indoor-outdoor, heated-unheated. Avista also has you covered with the hot tub and lazy river. Couple that with other amenities and your family can have a lot of fun here. Plus, it’s only a short walk to Main Street!

Much of the fun for patrons of Prince Resort is being in Cherry Grove. Between the magnificent pier jutting out into the sea and spectacular beaches, your family could have serious fun for hours and hours of your stay. Crab catching at night, moonlit walks – think about it. The resort has a rooftop pool and a lazy river in case you fancy a dip, but do yourself a favor and walk across the street to Basil’s and get their white pizza. You’re welcome! 

Seaside earns a nod here because it has much of what the others do, like both an indoor and an outdoor pool, but Seaside also sits in a sweet spot, having easy walking access to the beach and easy driving access to Barefoot Landing and other attractions. Amenities include an updated fitness center, lazy river, and a fantastic deck that overlooks the ocean. Seaside also provides perks like passes to shows and discounts on many activities. 

Your family will love Sea Watch Resort. It’s close to area attractions; offers 1, 2, or 3-bedroom stays; and goes above and beyond for your kids. They actually have a DJ slinging bangers by the poolside. Plus a movie night. Oh, and there are two pools, ten jetted tubs, two lazy rivers, and a partridge in a palm tree. Offering a tiki bar, coffee shop, full kitchens, and more, Sea Watch Resort needs to be on your check-it-out list.

In some ways this is a perfect setup for the kids. They will be on the beach (Yay!), or they will be at the pools and 350-ft. lazy river that snakes through the property (Yay!). Both are great, but there’s more, and we don’t just mean the racquetball courts available in case polyester jumpsuits come back in style and you’re compelled to sweat to the oldies. No, Town Center and Barefoot Landing are in close proximity to Beach Cove Resort. Barefoot Landing is brimming with fun shops and snacks and entertainment as well.

Going a step up on the luxury scale, North Beach Plantation comes in hot. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing resort (sporting 3 acres of Caribbean beach themed decor), it also has a spacious lounge and spectacular views. Excellent service, a double dose of beach life, and some genteel swag make North Beach Plantation a step ahead of the others. Granted you’ll pay for it, but you’re paying for superior atmosphere, service, experience, and location since NBP is a short skip from Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, and downtown. 


We get it. Kids are the worst. Even as we speak you are reading this, just hoping your spouse will attend to the crying child in the background. Of course, we’re just kidding – but we’re here for you. And we’ll be here for you when you need a golf cart, just be sure tocontact us. And since we’re so helpful, we would like to offer you our blog on area wine  bars called “Where and How to Be Classy at Wine Bars Near Me.” The title’s a little clunky but the opinions therein are objectively true. 

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