5 of the Best Mexican Restaurants Near North Myrtle Beach

A variety of authentic soft tacos in a row on a wooden plate

There are different types of patrons of Mexican restaurants. You’ve got your connoisseurs, your partiers, your once a year people, your loyal customers, your dabblers that like to try each one, and people that have a keen interest in Mexican murals. Our plan is to give some great options for each of you, except for maybe not the mural people, because taste in art is subjective, unlike our opinions on the food at Mexican restaurants.

While we hope to take the stress out of choosing a place, we realize that other decisions are up to you. “Oh, no, he’s coming! Should we order in our accent or the Spanish pronunciation?” That’s a choice between you and God. To ask for more chips or not to ask for more chips, that is the question. Shakespeare wrote a whole book about something similar and never answered it, so...you’re probably just going to have to go for it. That’s Salty Frye’s advice anyway. We say, just go for it!

Let’s jump into recommending the best Mexican restaurants in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Here are our favorites in a particular order, we’re just not going to tell you what that order is:

MMM Que Rico

Winning the award for “Best Name on Salty Frye’s List” is MMM Que Rico. It also has the highest rating by visitors and lots of customers that swear it is the best of all the Mexican restaurants they’ve ever visited. Granted all restaurants have a few of those reviews, but MMM (we’re on a first name basis now) has an exceptional number of them. In addition to Mexican, they also serve Peruvian and Argentinian fare, so there are some unique items for you epicureans. Common Mexican dishes are on the menu, but they are made uncommonly good with the South American influence. The ambience of MMM is not why you travel up to Calabash (sadly there are no murals here), but the food is why you’ll go back.

La Promesa Taqueria Y Pupuseria

For many of us, the one semester of Spanish we had in college is no match for this name. La Promesa Taqueria Y Pupuseria lives up to its un-Americanized name with less familiar items like Memelitas, Enfrijoladas, Oaxaca cheese, and others (they have intestines and tongue in case you’re not convinced). You can see why visitor after visitor raves about La Promesa’s authenticity. It’s a small, humble place with simple furnishings, but the food is something to brag about. If you are looking for quick, reasonably priced, authentic Mexican fare, check out La Promesa Taqueria Y Pupuseria. Once again, lots of Mexican decor, no murals. 

Mi Mexico

In the battle for street cred as the most authentic of the Mexican restaurants, Mi Mexico comes in hot. With its own food store right next to it with hundreds of hard to find ethnic items, plus dishes on the menu you won’t find many places (like sopes and tortas), this is hard to beat. It also seems to be a favorite among locals of Hispanic heritage, which is surely a significant validation of its authenticity. Patrons rave about Mi Mexico’s value considering the quality and quantity. So, don’t sleep on this one if you want the real deal.

Central Mamma’s Restaurant and Mexican Taqueria

The interesting bit about Central Mamma’s is how patrons seem to like everything. With some Mexican restaurants, people talk about their margaritas, or their street tacos, or maybe they’ll focus on how authentic a place is without addressing the quality of the items; but the compliments to Central Mamma’s are strong and cover almost all of the dishes. Central Mamma’s does sauces as well as anyone in the region. Their homemade cream sauce, spicy pineapple sauce, red sauce - Wow! It’s not the cheapest place or the prettiest, but most people love the food enough to overlook those problem areas. 


This is the one you weird mural people have been waiting for. It’s there, big, lots of bright primary colors, proud and loud. For us normal people, Margarita’s is a home run if you’re into clean, well-managed Mexican restaurants with great atmosphere and consistently high-quality products. They offer an extensive menu, great bar, and even lots of options for kids and your stubborn uncle who will only eat chicken fingers. While this may seem to be just one more establishment like other conventional Mexican restaurants, Margarita’s simply does the ordinary in an extraordinary way.  

There are many excellent Mexican restaurants in the area, but for the sake of our blog’s reputation as a premier reviewer of things, we had to be exclusive and eliminate places that:

  • Don’t make Mexican food their priority and theme
  • Score low ratings or get too many bad reviews online
  • Exist too far away for us to travel by golf cart
  • Boast objectively bad murals
  • Serve so few customers it can only be a front for money laundering
  • Have surrounded any of us and sang loudly on our birthdays

To read more objective opinions on things such as wine bars, pizza joints, breakfast places, sports bars, and golf courses, check out our other recent blogs. For questions about life and golf carts, contact us here. At Salty Frye’s we may not know everything about Mexican restaurants, but we sure know a lot about golf carts. If you are looking to rent one, please consider us. We are a thriving business because we take good care of people and only offer quality golf carts at great prices. We are eager to start a relationship with you! (that came out wrong).


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